Friday, June 10, 2011

OMG 80's Cartoons!

Ok, even if you did not grow up in the 80's, you have to admit that the decade brought forth some of the best cartoons. Even the ideas that they came up with for cartoons were so awesome that they surpassed the whole decade. For example... ideas like Transformers and GI Joe became hit movies, Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Strawberry Shortcake have been redone and adored by a new generation, and toys based on some of the cartoons are still making big bucks.

Now, because of a friend of mine and a gossip website's advertising, I have discovered the Hub Network. What is the Hub network you ask (or don't but I am going to tell you anyway)? This is Hub Network:

They have remade My Little Pony and Pound Puppies, both I will admit I like. Plus they have originals like GI Joe and Jem! I loooooooooove my Jem!!! They also boast Fraggle Rock, Transformers, and Conan the cartoon!!

Anyway, if you do not have that channel, I HIGHLY recommend you get it. Now, excuse me while I go watch a recording of Jem. Yeah, it's truly outrageous.

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