Friday, May 27, 2011

Boudin! Boudin! Boudin!

I LOVE boudin. It actually is my favorite food. You know the one where if you were stranded on a deserted island with only one thing to eat for the rest of your life? Yup, boudin is mine.

Anyway, last weekend was my brother's college graduation, and we had to make a trip out to Lake Charles to go and see it. Well the last couple of times we went out there I had been wanting to stop by Hackett's Cajun Kitchen for some boudin. (link found here ) They make some of the best (if not the very best) boudin I have ever ate. Growing up I remember being in my Maw Maw's kitchen during a family gathering and having tons of packets of Hackett's boudin all over the place--crawfish, mild, spicy, shrimp, etc.. Ah memories.

With that being said, they close early. How early you ask? 3pm on the dot. I always miss them when I head out there because it seems we are always in a rush. This last trip we finally made it. We had to head into town to get a card at Walmart for my brother after his graduation (procrastinate much?), and sure enough I saw it was open. I made sure to get a big cooler also at Walmart and we rushed our way out of there. We made it with an hour to spare! I got me some crawfish boudin, mild smoked boudin, and some andouille sausage for my gumbo.

Fast forward to today. It is the last day of school and also a half day. The kids will get home hungry so I decided to just pop a frozen pizza in the oven for their lunch. As I head out into the garage and open the freezer door, there was the boudin staring up at me. I had forgotten about it in my tired daze over the last week of school! I grabbed me the crawfish boudin and stuck it in my steamer on the stove.

Wow! I forgot how delicious it was! DELICIOUS!! (just in case I did not make myself clear, lol) I ate about a half a pound by myself, and I now need to go work off the calories. So worth it though. So worth it......

Oh and for those who are not familiar with what boudin is, here is a link that describes it:

Although, Cajun boudin is usually just rice dressing stuffed into a sausage case.

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