Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yummy Updates!

I haven’t blogged in a very long time, so I guess it is time for an update!  Loving the new house, and we are slowly but surely changing things to make it our own. Of course we still have a lot to do, but all in due time. Next up is our kitchen and bathrooms.

I still am not working, although I have been looking. No one seems to want me though. I guess all in due time.

The kids are doing well. William has started his ADHD medication 2 weeks ago, and he is doing a lot better. I think we will have to up his dosage, because it wears off so quickly, but we can still see the difference. Brisa is reading a lot better too. Not much more to report on that end.

In the end, I am hoping more good things are to come. We have a fertility specialist appointment this upcoming Tuesday. Hopefully something good will come out of it. Well when there is more to report, I guess I’ll report it. Write back soon (I hope).

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