Friday, September 16, 2011

Halloween Party Ideas

I LOVE Halloween parties! I've love cooking and making special treats and scary food!

I highly suggest getting Halloween cookbook and craft book for ideas (I have tons). One year for Halloween, I made mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in bread stick dough and baked to look like mummies), zombie fingers (chicken wings), a zombie brain (mac and cheese made in a brain mold), body part punch (a delicious punch with a jello/ice hand made out of a mold--gummy eye balls and body parts included), and many scary treats.

Also, choose a theme! Whether it be haunted house, grave yard, witches ball, zombie invasion, spooky woods, dracula's den etc, have fun with it and go all out!

Once you have your theme decorate around it. Plus, do not be afraid to have fun and don't be afraid to go retro! I love bobbing for apples and pin the nose on the pumpkin.

I hope this gave you some ideas!

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